Making a  Difference

Caregiver Bootcamp

Caregiver Bootcamp is a day just for caregivers.  This is mainly geared for any caregiver that is caring for a loved one in the home, but facility caregivers are welcome to attend as well.  The most recent caregiver bootcamp featured a full line up of speakers to include a local doctor, a local dementia caregiver, a Montgomery County Sherriff, a dietician, a certified nursing trainer, a nutritionist and more.  AERS brings relevant topics and secures trusted educators that can help caregivers on their journey.

Art & Music Program for Dementia

Art & Music has been proven to have many benefits for dementia patients.  Art, when done correctly, has shown improvement of fine motor skills and many life enrichment qualities.  Music has been shown to help with eating, activities of daily living, and behaviors.  AERS most recently worked on a 3 year grant program in 42 nursing homes throughout the state of Alabama creating art & music programs in each facility with much success.

Family Caregiver Christmas Brunch

Each year we invite local caregivers to join us on the first Thursday in December for a few hours of fun and relaxation at the annual Family Caregiver Christmas Brunch.  This event is designed for our local in-home family caregivers.  We welcome past and present caregivers, so even if your loved one is no longer with us, you are invited to join us.  The brunch is designed for caregivers, not the person with dementia, as the crowd is rather large and can be overwhelming.  We want our caregivers to take a break from their caregiving duties and enjoy the holiday season.  We don’t talk about our caregiving duties; we simply enjoy the holiday season.  We have lots of food, Christmas carols, goodie bags, door prizes and even a visit from our very own Santa!  We are grateful to Eastern Hills Baptist Church for graciously hosting this event for us in their reception room.

Annual Alzheimer’s Conference

AERS hosts Alabama’s largest known Alzheimer’s conference each year at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.  Typically held on the first Friday in August, this is an all-day event for both family and professional caregivers, featuring presentations by nationally known experts in the field of dementia.  Over 40 exhibit booths are set up by various companies, providing information, collectible goodies and door prizes.  If you have speaker suggestions for next year’s conference, we would love to hear from you.  Please email us at

Virtual Dementia Experience

Are you caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia?  Put yourself in their shoes and see what it is like.  We will alter your senses of touch, hearing, and vision to help you have a better understanding of what it’s like living with dementia.  This one hour, hands-on demonstration will give you a new understanding of what it’s like trying to perform every day simple tasks when you have dementia.



AERS has a staff of nationally certified dementia educators who can provide training on many topics of interest to professional caregivers.  Some of these topics include:

  • Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementia
  • Person-Centered Care
  • Progression of Dementia
  • Dysphagia and Dementia
  • Bathing without a Battle
  • Communicating with Dementia
  • Behaviors with Dementia
  • Oral Care for Persons with Dementia
  • Nutrition & Hydration in Dementia
  • Art & Music as Therapy

Contact the AERS office for more information on these and other topics available.

  • Community Training Events designed for family caregivers who wish to learn more about how to better care for their loved one living with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia
  • Information and referral for other community services for caregivers
  • In-home assessments and assistance with care planning
  • Annual Professional and Family Caregiver Conference
  • Assistance and support for local caregiver support groups
  • Community awareness programs for churches, civic groups and other organizations
  • Assistance to caregivers with problem solving as their loved one develops challenging behaviors