Amber Evens

Vice President of Memory Care and Resident Engagement Services for LCB Senior Living


Amber Evans is the Vice President of Memory Care and Resident Engagement Services for LCB Senior Living. She oversees all aspects of the company’s renowned and award-winning Reflections Memory Care program, as well as their Engagement Program with their cutting edge 5 Principles for Vitality for thriving senior living. She received her dual master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University New England. Amber entered Senior Living as an Expressive Art Therapist working directly with individuals with various forms of dementia around supportive communication, expression and emotional support, and joined the LCB Senior Living family in 2014. Amber is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist who specializes in therapeutic and expressive art interventions for people living with dementia, as well as for their families. She is also a Board Certified Dementia Educator through the National Institute for Dementia Education and serves on their Standards Of Excellence Council as NIDE’s Vice Chair of Education and Outreach.  Amber also is proud to serve on the Board for the NH/MA Chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association. She provides quality and comprehensive training and education to health care professionals, and beyond. Her passion is working with residents, care givers, families and support associates, to provide high quality of life, dignity and purpose, amidst a dementia diagnosis, while bringing forth creative ways for families and caregivers to work with loved ones with dementia, instilling hope and fruitful living.