Theda Heiserman

Director of Education and Training at the CERTUS Institute


Theda Heiserman, a Board-Certified Dementia Educator and Dementia Practitioner, serves as the Director of Education and Training at the CERTUS Institute. Her career is marked by a commitment to improving dementia care through research and education. At CERTUS, she leads initiatives to develop educational programs and materials for healthcare professionals and caregivers, incorporating innovative research findings into practical applications. Her expertise and dedication have established her as a key contributor in the field, where she strives to enhance the lives of those with dementia and their caregivers through advanced care practices. Theda is a Certified Life Coach specializing in those on their dementia journey and their care partners.  She is a lifelong volunteer and serves many volunteer rolls with the Alzheimer’s Association including Committee Chair on The Walk to End Alzheimer’s- The Villages, AIM Advocate lobbying for support in Washington, DC, and as a community educator.